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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I use CallSine?

CallSine provides sales reps a quick easy and affordable way to access contact data with no complicated or lengthy software contracts.

How do I access my account?

There are a few ways to access your account. One is to go to your CallSine dashboard. Or you can go to the Chrome Store and download your CallSine chrome extension.

How does CallSine work?

To find the contact data for any contact, go to that contacts LinkedIn page and click the CallSine chrome extension. And viola, there you have all the information available for your contact.

Can I take more than one plan at a time?

Our plans are typically 100 contacts per month (includes mobile phone number) or 200 contacts per month. If you think you will need more than 200 contact per month, drop us a line at support@callsine.com.

Are there prerequisites or upgrade requirements?

No, we're trying to make this as simple as possible. If you think you need to upgrade to more contacts per month. you may simply so in your CallSine portal.

My payment didn't go through. What do I do?

Oh no, we're sorry to hear that. Please drop us a note at support@callsine.com and we'll have someone help you out as soon as possible.